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COLLATERAL/GRANT OF SECURITY INTEREST. Collateral shall mean the following property owned by Customer, howsoever arising, wherever located, and whether now owned or existing or hereafter existing or acquired and the proceeds thereof: (1) all real property including without limitation the real property provided by Customer on its credit application or fuel supply agreement, (2) all leasing agreements; (3) all tangible personal property; (4) all equipment; (5) all accounts receivable; (6) all inventory; (7) any and all monies, reserves, deposits, deposit accounts, securities, cash, cash equivalents, balances, credits, and interest and dividends on any of the above, of or in the name of Customer, now or hereafter with Gas Depot and any and all other property of any kind and description of or in the name of Customer, now or hereafter, for any reason or purpose whatsoever, in the possession or control of, or in transit to, Gas Depot or any agent or bailee for Gas Depot; (8) all chattel paper, contract rights, and instruments; (9) all general intangibles; (10) all furniture and fixtures; (11 ) all investment property; (12) all books, records, and computer records in any way relating to the above property; (13) all supporting obligations, letter of credit rights, and commercial tort claims (as each such term is defined in the UCC); and (14) any and all substitutions, renewals, improvements, replacements, additions, and proceeds of (1) through (13) above, including, without limitation, proceeds of insurance policies. To secure payment of the obligations and liabilities owing to Gas Depot, Customer hereby irrevocably pledges, assigns, transfers, conveys, and sets over to Gas Depot and hereby grants to Gas Depot a first and paramount security interest in and to the Collateral, howsoever arising, wherever located and whether now owned or existing or hereafter existing or acquired. Customer shall perform any and all acts requested by Gas Depot to establish, maintain, and continue Gas Depot's security interests and liens in the Collateral including, but not limited to, executing financing statements and such other instruments and documents when and as reasonably requested by Gas Depot.

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